Puzzle Word Demo

Puzzle Word Demo

Puzzle Word, now with a new name, Word Soup and new features

Puzzle Word, now with a new name, Word Soup and new
features is a wonderful and entertaining word game developed by Fuzzy Bug Interactive Ltd.
Apart from being very easy to play, Word Soup is really fun and addictive, while provides a good exercise for the mind.
To start playing you will only need your mouse. The main objective of the game is to clear the whole grid by forming words of more than three letters with the adjacent blocks. The word may in vertical, horizontal or even diagonal position. Once you have formed a word you press enter to submit it and get your points. If you click on Shuffle, all the words are rearranged at random. And in case you do not find a word, by clicking Help, the game will provide you with a suggestion. Remember you can only use these options once. There are three game modes to choose from, each one with a different level of difficulty. The basic mode or Single Game is perfect for those who want to take their time to carefully look for new words, without the pressure of a time limit. In case you choose the Time Game, be prepared to use your skills and fast reflexes to find as many words as possible in only five minutes. Finally in Brain Game you will put to the test your skills at forming the longest word possible, to fill the energy bar “Level Up” and reach a new level, what is a real challenge!
Word Soup layout is very intuitive and its graphics are full of bright colors and appealing designs and animations. The music and sound effects are fine as well. At the very beginning, you can choose to play in window or full screen mode with several screen resolutions. To sum up, Word Soup is a great game, suitable for all ages, fun, educational and challenging. Highly recommended.

Claudia Liliana Timmer
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Discontinued by the developer.

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  • fun
  • challenging
  • nice graphics and sound effects


  • only available in English
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